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English-speaking theatre group | Berne | Switzerland

cyetasflyerfrontA play by Alexander Sigrist

(9–11 March 2012, Remise Theater, Berne)

"To tell a story, it feels like you need to close your eyes."
"Because, well, otherwise, the fear that the world is a dark and strange place will overwhelm you. Just like that. But then, this is a misconception in at least two ways: The world is not a dark and strange place. And our fears overwhelm us anyway, whether we close our eyes or not."

It is either fate or irony that brought Helen to this post office. It could be fate because she is looking for the owner of a letter wrongly delivered to her address, assuming that this person has gotten a letter for her. It could be irony because she is looking for her future in a place that itself has no future. Yes, the post office is about to close. Forever. It is here, in this place of too many yesterdays and too little tomorrows, that she meets Kerry, the caretaker. Together, they start to tell the stories of the post office, stories of lost people, hidden hopes, of buses and love, inevitable travels, cats and newspapers, of tears and laughter. Little do they know the question they will have to face: How can a story ever live up to the reality around us?

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