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English-speaking theatre group | Berne | Switzerland

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Wed. 16 to Sunday 20 September 2015

Aula Gymnasium Lerbermatt


About the play:
When July gets Cody's text, she is prepared to run away. He wants to talk and she knows immediately that it is over. Cody is breaking up with her. Disappointed, heart-broken, but too tough to admit it, she tries to figure out what is wrong with the world. Why are people suffering? Why are people unhappy? She finds others who share her feelings and joins the Occupy movement that is taking off throughout the world, ignoring her best friend Helen’s cautioning voice. Helen tries to protect July, but sometimes it feels like she might be better off talking to a brick wall.
Neil has got other problems. Having just attended his father's funeral, and just as he is helping his sister, Sam, catch a plane to New York, he gets an assignment from his agency to write a PR proposal for Wall Street. Apparently some scientists found some particles than can move faster than light – and Wall Street would do everything to get their hands on that discovery. So he buys some books, he sits down and gets to work. All he needs to do is find a human angle in a system that seems to be doing its best to make humans obsolete. However, he does not give up. He needs to figure out a solution, before the voice in the back of his head drives him crazy.

Cast and Crew



emilie thumbEmilie Osborne
“And as we all know, in the order of things, a hard place certainly needs milk more urgently than a rock.” 

eva thumbEva Witschi
“I know everything.”

nik thumbNiklaus Sarbach
“Sometimes you have to move.”

martin thumbMartin Ritzmann
“I'll find a way. You hear me? You are ashes.”

xenia thumbXenia Netos
“Fascinating. And here is me expecting a question about the universe, eternity or at least the power of grayskull.”

chris thumbChris Huguenin
The Voice
“You can never close your eyes.”

etna thumbEtna Krakenberger
“Why don't you just trust me?”

evelyne thumbEvelyne Feller
“What is it ever? Write your own ending if you don't like it.”

tessa thumbTessa Zuckweiler
“We need a purpose.”

beatrix thumbBeatrix Castellote
“We are tired of not seeing a future for our children.”

bjorn thumb
Björn Messerli

jason thumbJason Netos

simon thumbSimon D. Hicks

alex thumbAlexander Sigrist
Author; Co-Director

nathalie thumbNathalie Dulio

mat thumbMatt Müller
Technical Director


Wilma Rall
Technical Assistant

kathrin thumbKathrin Probst
PR and sponsoring

marcel thumbMarcel Röthlisberger

earl thumbEarl Espero
Stage and props

claudine thumbClaudine Bollinger